Selection of Medicine

This article is basically a char which helps to select specific medicine for specific diseases.I hope you will find it helpful.

Setting Eggs with moon phase

Understanding Vitamins article is written to help our new, young poultry lovers and those newadults in poultry understand the importance of vitamins. Today expectant mothers aregiven…

Incubation Issues

This article is a link of MSSU . This is a general chart of incubation issues

Diagnosis of poultry diseases

Diagnosis of poultry diseases (Urdu Version)

Common Egg Shell problems

Approximately 2% of all chicken eggs has some defect, ranging from minor, barely noticeable faults to downright alarming deformities. So the chances are pretty good that most, if not all flock owners will at some stage find an irregular egg.…

Backdoor Buggers

Birds are “masters of disguise” when it comes to hiding early signs of illness.  Therefore, exterior indicators of health status are very helpful and important.  Bird droppings are one of those critical exterior indicators, in conjunction…